Anti Bullying Information for Parents

At Walsh we have Respect.

We take into account and have regard for others feelings, wishes, and rights.’

At Walsh Memorial CE Infant school we have a zero tolerance to bullying. Our PSHE curriculum builds on healthy friendships, working well together and keeping safe. Through our ethos, values, golden rules and curriculum, our children develop positive attitudes of themselves and others, learn how to respect and care for others and know when and how to ask for help.

We have developed our own school posters that we chose the language for  and learn how to behave and what to say in different scenarios, and all know how to stay safe.

We always take part in the National Odd sock day, during Anti-Bullying week. We use this as a time to focus and celebrate that we all have similarities and differences but we are all special and unique.  This is always linked to a story, last year we read ‘The dot’ and celebrated how God and Jesus love us all and each one of us is special to them.

Please find our information leaflet on bullying below that we produced with our local schools.

We have also produced our own booklet that is shared with all parents explaining the different types of ‘Child on Child Abuse’ and how we teach and talk to the children about these. We talk to the children about keeping safe and happy at Walsh. Please click on the picture below to read our booklet.