Our Vision, Ethos, Mission and Aims

Our Vision


Our vision is to create a safe, nurturing, Christian school community in which everyone is valued and given opportunities to flourish in every area of life.  

Our motto is ‘Flourishing together, with God as our firm foundation’ 

‘Jesus said: you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church’  (Matthew 16 v 18)


Our inspiration comes from the confident declaration of St. Peter, who identified Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus said: ‘You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church’. (Matthew 16:18). At our school, we aim to develop in all learners the same confidence, resilience and independence which St. Peter had.  

Peter showed an understanding about the nature of God, a love for others and a perseverance through trials. He helped build the early Christian community. 


We live out our vision through our values of love, community and perseverance. Peter declared his love for God (John 21:15) and his declaration about Jesus (Matthew 16:18) became the foundation of the community of God’s people – the church. Peter means ‘rock’ and throughout his life he demonstrated perseverance. Galatians 6:9 reminds us to not grow weary in doing good and at our school we strive to develop resilient learners who aspire to be the best they can, growing in love and flourishing as part of a safe, nurturing school community.  


St Peter is our inspiration because he was one of the first disciples to follow Jesus. He became recognised for his work as a community builder amongst the twelve disciples and was later seen as the 1st Pope for the Catholic faith. He became pre-eminent in the community of Christian followers and went from being an ordinary fisherman to answering the call of Jesus to be a ‘fisher of men’. Like Peter, who went on to do great things, we believe wherever children start in school, they can do great things. With millions of people as dedicated Christians, we want our children to celebrate and understand that Christian faith is very real and very important to us. Peter was full of enthusiasm and we reflect his enthusiasm for all aspects of our work with children and parents.


St Peter showed great love to Jesus. He knew he sometimes got things wrong but he learnt from that. We also encourage learning from our mistakes and building resilience for our whole school community. He was a great listener and always open to change, which is an important skill for our senior leaders. St Peter was a great friend to Jesus. His love was tested when out of fear he denied knowledge of Jesus three times and children’s love for each other may be tested when they fall out with their friends. Jesus forgave Peter for his actions and we encourage children to forgive when they have been hurt or had a dispute with their friends.


Peter had great faith and even when it was tested when he was walking on water, he persevered. In school, learning is not always easy for the children. Classes are not always easy for the teachers and decisions are not always easy for the leaders. With perseverance and faith and God’s guidance we have deep hope in what we do.


Our Ethos

The School serves its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

Our Mission

Working with God to…
Learn be
Safe and

Aims of our School

  • We promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being for everyone
  • We create a caring and secure atmosphere, reflecting the Christian ethos of the school, and encourage good relationships and tolerance for others
  • We aim for quality and excellence in all that we do; we take a broad view of education and enable all children to progress is many different ways
  • We provide a happy, interesting and attractive learning environment where all children can be successful and develop positive attitudes to school
  • We ensure equal opportunities for everyone
  • We provide a carefully planned curriculum to develop children’s confidence, independence and enthusiasm and meet each child’s individual needs
  • We enable our children to master basic skills that will stimulate an on-going enthusiasm for learning
  • We encourage our children to experience a sense of wonder at the beauty and creativity of the world around them
  • We maintain high but realistic expectations of all our children and adults and high standards in all that we do
  • We foster an active partnership between home and school and positive links with the local community and the Church